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The buildup

We’re here. We’re finally here.

We went to India for 4 weeks in December 2010. It was awesome, and the excitement of being in new country, experiencing a different culture and all the little things that go with it, made us realise that our feet are getting itchy again.

But then we were back to the UK, a New Year, a lot of interesting work, thoughts about experiences we want to have, of what will be valuable for us professionally. Getting back to routine, and once in a while a nagging feeling of an old itch.

Three months later beloved granny Thunder sadly passed away, aged 94. She was a great gal, full of spirit, and we thought she would love us to do something daring with the money she left Rich. Yes, we probably should’ve paid it into the mortgage. But feet are really connected to your inner sole, and travel ideas started to flow. Africa! Back to Central America? Southern/East Africa? Colombia to Argentina? Southern/East Africa! Nicaragua? Southern/East Africa! But our Spanish... Ok, it was always going to be Africa...

So we let work know, and they were as amazing with us bailing out on them just as Deb and Jenny were to go on maternity leaves (welcome to the world, Jonah and Jake!). Ian, with his enthusiasm and extreme persuasiveness, had made us see the light quite quickly– no point in having a nice, relaxed holiday to start with. What you really want to do is get stuck in, and work for free!
So it was all settled, and we had a Terms of Reference 5 months before the planned trip. Quite impressive, for a couple who never planned anything in their lives, just floated around looking for trouble.

And time flew by with a long handover to brave and extremely-capable Katie, and looking for replacements. And it was autumn with the Jewish holidays, when the family came to see our house for the first (and last?) time. And then Christmas, and my official last day in the office, and speed-handover days with Alison and Viv. And the first week of January, the real last day in the office, last pub quiz at the Barrells, saying goodbye and not believing it is really over, over 4 years being a part of an incredible organisation, with inspiring, warm, open and thoughtful colleagues, volunteers, bosses – friends. Carrying on, but differently.

And then we left our house, and said goodbye to Cardiff and its lovely people. And went to Israel for 4 weeks, to say hello and goodbye to parents, sisters, aunt and uncle, cousins and their beautiful children, grannies who are not getting younger, friends and their beautiful children, lovely food and some of my hair. Back in the UK to say goodbye to more parents, sister and brother-in-law, beautiful nephews, snow.

And so after 26 hours above Europe, the med and North Africa; with a stop over in Adis-Ababa (are all Ethiopian women gorgeous or only the ones who work at the airport?) and DRC, we are here. We have arrived to Malawi, the warm heart of Africa.

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